New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc.
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What We Offer...

New Visions Worldwide Distribution offers a minimum guarantee 65% to 70%-plus "reach" of U.S. TV households in the aggregate of airings and re-airings. Frequently New Visions exceeds minimum guarantees and delivers a 90-100% "reach" that is a percentage of all TV households.

Many times before production dollars are even spent New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc. conducts national research with their market-by-market, station-by-station, country-by-country program manager colleagues and then we determine what we can guarantee as a minimum "reach" that is a percentage of all TV households.

Barter Syndication

  • Barter syndication is when New Visions "trades or barters" programming to individual TV stations on a market-by-market basis.

  • "Consideration" is when a station receives the use of a program in return for giving a certain amount of commercial air time within the show where a sponsor's ads air at no air time cost. No cash is exchanged between the parties.

With 35-years of experience, New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc. is one of the pioneers of this TV entertainment model and guarantees an impressive percentage of TV household "reach" complete with ROI.

Distribution Outlets

New Visions syndicates to most every TV entity including...

abc nbc cbs
fox The CW My Network
altitude Outside Television comcast msg

The New Visions Resort Network of TV stations includes some of the most famous winter destinations in the U.S. including Aspen, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Keystone, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Snow, Steamboat Springs, Stowe, Sun Valley, Telluride, Vail and Winter Park, global TV systems such as Star TV, Global TV, Canal 19, Travel Channel, and CNN.

Alternative Distribution

In addition to TV distribution, New Visions Worldwide Distribution pursues multiple arenas outside the realm of TV syndication. This alternative execution guarantees our clients that each and every available "content" delivery system will be pursued, engaged, and reported. These ongoing efforts to seek out and take advantage of "alternative distribution" avenues are another reason why New Visions Worldwide Distribution continues to be the clear choice in television distribution.

New Visions Worldwide Distribution maintains its leadership in the area of syndication by working with a number of Internet services that include a "reach" of 23+ countries, the creation and syndication of webisodes, program partnerships with Broadband and On Demand to name a few.

ROI (Return on Investment)

There is a tangible and measurable dollar value returned to our clients from the TV productions we produce and syndicate. Please see the ROI section of this "deck" for a detailed breakdown of how this ROI works and the amount that can be calculated. This measurable return on investment is
expressed as:

  • Integrated TV commercials airing free at no air time cost;

  • The value of the billboards that are the “throw” to and from commercial breaks, and;

  • The actual integration into the story line of client’s products and services.

Let New Visions show you and your clients this specific ROI that generates a 200% to 400% return on investment over all costs of production and syndication.