New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc.
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Syndication Reports

New Visions' syndication reports consist of a number of distribution variables including Broadcast, National/Regional/Local Origination (LO) Cable, Low Power Television/Resort Channels as well as "alternative" syndication methods including Airline Inflight, Internet, On Demand and even North American Auto Shows. Since our reports contain several charts, the following will provide further details.

6 Month Airing/Syndication Window

12 Month Airing/Syndication Window

The first page of the report provides a summary of TV households "reached." These factors are broken down by Broadcast, several levels of Cable and "alternative" forms of distribution. As a reminder, the reason for these differentiation points is the fact that :30 second commercials as well as billboards vary in value depending on the level of distribution.

The next several pages of the report identify details of all Broadcast and Cable TV stations that have contractually cleared the titles with New Visions. These details include DMA (designated market area) & market name in bolded type, station call letters & its network affiliation, date & time and number of households "reached." You can also identify if an airing occurred on Broadcast or Cable because Broadcast TV airings are placed on the same line as bolded DMA information.

Airings occurring in a specific DMA on Cable outlets will be shown below bolded information. For instance, the local Vail resort stations are airing New Visions programming. Since Vail falls within the DMA of Denver (#18), you will see several line items (not in bold) identifying number of airings Ch. 8 &/or Ch. 17 have run as well as time of day and number of households "reached."

Finally, alternative forms of distribution will be situated on the last few pages of New Visions' clearance reports.