New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc.
Freewheelin Films Stock Footage

Company Information

New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc. was established to provide specialized distribution for our clients. Over 25-years ago Rodney learned that many companies had the desire and were actively seeking ways in which to control a portion of their TV destiny by creating TV programming. Not wanting to just be relegated to the purchase and placement of commercials clients wanted to be a part of the theme and story line in the programming. The problem was there was no one available to successfully distribute programming to the hundreds of TV outlets. Today much more than before there is a keen desire by forward-thinking advertisers to produce "content" that is TV programming. New Visions Worldwide Distribution became the answer to guaranteed sponsor-driven TV program distribution.

New Visions Worldwide Distribution syndicates/distributes TV programming both domestically in the U.S. and internationally across the globe. Historically we provide programming in just over 120 countries outside the U.S. as well as delivering a 65% to 70% minimum "reach" guarantee of all U.S. TV households.

New Visions Staff

The New Visions Worldwide Distribution staff is composed of a group of uniquely talented individuals. Literally one of the barter syndication pioneers, New Visions Worldwide Distribution staff represents a 40-year commitment to successfully distributing TV programming on behalf of our clients.

Rodney Jacobs

For nearly four decades Rodney Jacobs has called Aspen, CO his home and is the base of operation for his companies, Freewheelin' Films, Ltd., New Visions Worldwide Distribution, Inc., Echo Radio Productions, and Freewheelin Stock Shots. Rodney and the Freewheelin' band of gypsies have had the good fortune of crossing the globe shooting and producing just over 200 TV specials and series episodes as well as network commercials. For more than 30 years New Visions Worldwide Distribution has been dedicated to the many details of successful U.S. and global TV program distribution.

James Tusty

James Tusty is the newest addition to the NVS team. After nearly 30 years of knowing Rodney, the two decided to join forces in 2013. James founded the production company Mountain View Group, Ltd. in 1981, and sold it to two employees in 2008. Since then, he and his wife Maureen founded Sky Films Inc. and have produced several documentaries for both theatrical release and television broadcast. In 2008, the New York Times cited their theatrical film “The Singing Revolution” as one of five “maverick films" that successfully end ran the Hollywood system. We can’t think of a more perfect credential for a New Visions partner.

Glenda Summers

Glenda Summers, "Glendora", "Glen", "Glendoria...." or whichever nickname comes forth loudly from Rodney's office has worked for Rodney and Freewheelin' Films since 1987. She handles everything from keeping the books for Rodney's companies to making sure his professional life runs smoothly and his many correspondences are beautifully developed and sent out. Her latest endeavor is to try and get Rodney interested in everything technological.

Kayla B. Hoffman

Kayla moved to Aspen in 1992 after graduating from the University of Minnesota with degrees in journalism and communication. After ski bumming her first year in Aspen, Kayla began working for New Visions Worldwide Distribution as Syndication Director in 1993. With the rapid growth rate of Freewheelin Films, as well as the syndication business of New Visions, Kayla was promoted to Senior Vice President of Syndication in 1998.