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Freewheelin' Films, Ltd. is a production company based in Aspen, CO. We are celebrating over 30-years of experience and expertise in the production of TV specials, series and TV commercials.

Freewheelin has produced in each and every state of the U.S. as well on locations in North and South America, Western Europe and the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Notable titles include:

  • Food & Wine magazine's Best New Chefs

  • Three Perfect Days hosted by Lauren Hutton which is a 24-part series on travel to cities that include Paris, Miami, Honolulu, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sydney, New Orleans, New York, London, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai.

  • Inside the Ropes...Playing the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

  • Faithful Friends, a 27-episode series that is the definitive pet care TV series and source for pet wellness and professional veterinary advice.

  • Game For Anything...the Strength of Women in Sports is hosted by Academy award-winner, Holly Hunter.

  • Travelin' On...The Lewis & Clark Expedition, a Bicentennial one-hour special commemorating the Lewis & Clark expedition.

  • World Cup 94...American Style is a special about the first World Cup ever played in the U.S.

  • World Cup 98...The French Connection is a behind-the-scenes and lead in special to the 1998 World Cup hosted by France.

  • The Legend Races On...The Junior Johnson and Bill Elliott Story is a NASCAR special of the most popular driver.

  • Eddie Hill....A Life in Drag Racing

  • Strategy & Tactics...The Bobby Rahal Story is an in-depth and passionate look at owner/driver of championship Indy team.

  • Eleven specials on actor, Paul Newman's auto racing career.

  • Cowboy Up is the story of America's original sport, rodeo hosted by Academy award-winning actor, Cliff Robertson.

  • Approximately 200 TV series episodes.